This took very long and its kinda different from the rest of my videos so please tell me what you think in the comments and if you like it give it a like. this was inspired by the video style of flyingkitty because his videos are just amazing. oh and the reason for me being late with this IS BECAUSE I HAD TO EDIT IT AGAIN AFTER I LOST THE FILE.

the fortnite dances came from:


  1. Arsham Gamer

    Arsham GamerПре 12 сати

    Roblox now: slenders, cnp's, gangsters, stupid games, bla bla bla.... Roblox before: Extra: only a true old roblox player will understand this video after years

  2. Layla viesta Alkie

    Layla viesta AlkieПре дан

    I love the rap despacito and the firts rap lol

  3. Jandavid 17

    Jandavid 17Пре дан

    Bruh this is like flying kitty's edit you and flying kitty are rival

  4. Grove street channel

    Grove street channelПре дан


  5. Zoey Zoomer

    Zoey ZoomerПре дан

    What’s your favorite song? Me: it’s complicated


    ABHIRAM GAMINGПре 2 дана

    I can stop my laugh

  7. Ferdousi Begum

    Ferdousi BegumПре 2 дана

    omg i like lol

  8. Aryan Zayaf Ahmed Playz

    Aryan Zayaf Ahmed PlayzПре 2 дана

    Buur back in the day: INNAPROPRIATE CONTENT

  9. FlyingMonke

    FlyingMonkeПре 2 дана

    The fact the video is 3:33 long is perfecto

  10. Rxtide

    RxtideПре 2 дана

    Mip cit E dR1p

  11. Junel Estialbo

    Junel EstialboПре 3 дана

    WhAt the #####

  12. Valarmathy Palpanaban

    Valarmathy PalpanabanПре 3 дана

    Buur why is all your videos so funny I laughed hard

  13. Tavleen Kaur

    Tavleen KaurПре 3 дана

    Mr beast of roblox.

  14. NinjaYeets

    NinjaYeetsПре 3 дана

    1:40 what is that in the background near the bushes lol

  15. DaFriendlyBeast

    DaFriendlyBeastПре 17 сати

    despacito spider


    FISHY PLAYZПре 4 дана


  17. Mr_GabzzYT

    Mr_GabzzYTПре 4 дана

    2019-2021 there cool

  18. Mr_GabzzYT

    Mr_GabzzYTПре 4 дана

    2018 Sucks

  19. woah, I just

    woah, I justПре 4 дана

    when you realise this has a better like to dislike ratio than the actual youtube rewind

  20. The Minecraft Pumpkin I

    The Minecraft Pumpkin IПре 4 дана

    Ultimate good ending

  21. Jacob Oofly

    Jacob OoflyПре 4 дана

    2:19 Best part ever

  22. Aesthetic

    AestheticПре 4 дана

    the last guest was my fave roblox movie i wathed the WHOLE movie 5 times

  23. Zaheda Begum

    Zaheda BegumПре 4 дана

    This more better than the original one

  24. RealDoge

    RealDogeПре 4 дана

    Buur: destroys his enemies with memes!1!

  25. Zaheda Begum

    Zaheda BegumПре 4 дана

    defiently not stolen

  26. Destloger

    DestlogerПре 5 дана

    This is epic

  27. Penguin Studios

    Penguin StudiosПре 5 дана

    ananna4520 Grade: 50

  28. Sebastian Cano

    Sebastian CanoПре 5 дана

    did im in 2019

  29. Realgreen

    RealgreenПре 6 дана


  30. Reinhold Hegele

    Reinhold HegeleПре 6 дана

    The person below me is sus

  31. master potato lazer

    master potato lazerПре 6 дана

    Buurs version is better than the original rewind

  32. shitass

    shitassПре 6 дана

    Dat remix and everything

  33. Thing For Thing

    Thing For ThingПре 6 дана


  34. Alan amari Kampel

    Alan amari KampelПре 7 дана


  35. J'one Green

    J'one GreenПре 8 дана

    Hi I love you Ll

  36. Kyoungwon Lee

    Kyoungwon LeeПре 8 дана

    0:20 I miss the guests

  37. edd

    eddПре 8 дана

    respect bacon's or... You will be banned for 999999999998726146214261762172614621752175217231,320321732142314214321752162145214214 years

  38. edd

    eddПре 8 дана

    1:42 Challenge find despasitospider on that time

  39. edd

    eddПре 8 дана

    Me seeing the date: OMG JANUARY 5 IT'S A DATE HERE OMG ME seeing the year: *bruh.*

  40. Jun Zhang

    Jun ZhangПре 9 дана

    wow so good content UWU pls pls pls pls pls pl sp lspls plspls pls pls pls plsp ls friend

  41. AbdielBlox

    AbdielBloxПре 9 дана


  42. AbdielBlox

    AbdielBloxПре 9 дана


  43. Max goblin

    Max goblinПре 9 дана

    its to hot for me!!!!!!!!

  44. S0LAX

    S0LAXПре 10 дана

    Despacito ur mom is noobito.


    PRO TÜRK BGПре 10 дана

    Old days :,)

  46. H i

    H iПре 11 дана


  47. AbdielBlox

    AbdielBloxПре 9 дана

    That's Roblox, EEEEE

  48. H i

    H iПре 11 дана


  49. AbdielBlox

    AbdielBloxПре 9 дана

    This is fortnite

  50. EpicEmiLoLShorts

    EpicEmiLoLShortsПре 12 дана


  51. Noah Rajendra2012

    Noah Rajendra2012Пре 12 дана

    l like funny video

  52. Noah Rajendra2012

    Noah Rajendra2012Пре 12 дана

    this video is funny

  53. H i

    H iПре 13 дана


  54. H i

    H iПре 15 дана

    0:05 ahwbzjJBaqizb

  55. H i

    H iПре 15 дана

    0:11 RABLAX

  56. MadhuMohan K

    MadhuMohan KПре 16 дана

    Anyone saw a spider behind the bacon hair saying "can we thank the guy who change logo

  57. Riccel Bithao

    Riccel BithaoПре 16 дана

    Fortnite:were amazing Roblox:we have more games

  58. Egg Man

    Egg ManПре 17 дана

    Thanks yt for showing us this two years later

  59. Darunee Daly

    Darunee DalyПре 17 дана


  60. Superbly

    SuperblyПре 18 дана

    0:52 best part ever.


    DAVINOVONOOBПре 18 дана


  62. Max Sin

    Max SinПре 19 дана

    This video is RSclub rewind 2019 roblox... Now at the

  63. Vin Nopat

    Vin NopatПре 19 дана

    Nice u laugh me in my life buur u best in jokes

  64. Craig justin Mallari

    Craig justin MallariПре 19 дана

    Dezpacito 2:15

  65. Duntae Brown

    Duntae BrownПре 19 дана

    I laugh so hard and I Couldn't keep my eye off video

  66. Jose Emanuel

    Jose EmanuelПре 20 дана

    Roblox Is Best Game To Make Memes

  67. Kyle reese Masaquel

    Kyle reese MasaquelПре 20 дана

    somebody: i dont like despacito despacito: i dont like you me: love cycle

  68. Jannat Prottashi

    Jannat ProttashiПре 21 дан


  69. mujtaba naseem

    mujtaba naseemПре 21 дан


  70. Azizul Baharudin

    Azizul BaharudinПре 22 дана


  71. Abhigyan Amit

    Abhigyan AmitПре 22 дана

    what the fudge brownie is this

  72. Esquire Beelzebub

    Esquire BeelzebubПре 22 дана

    Think we all take this over youtube rewind 2018

  73. kennethpk3

    kennethpk3Пре 22 дана


  74. Xavier Ruskell

    Xavier RuskellПре 22 дана

    1:13 very relatable

  75. Tentou-K'

    Tentou-K'Пре 23 дана


  76. Imelda Mojica

    Imelda MojicaПре 23 дана

    This is good and fun ☺️☺️☺️

  77. Athar8bit

    Athar8bitПре 23 дана

    But i dont have robux:(

  78. Le epic bird

    Le epic birdПре 24 дана

    This better than the original

  79. spritecranberry

    spritecranberryПре 24 дана


  80. Babunya NightD ඞ

    Babunya NightD ඞПре 24 дана

    Me: what a noobito Buur: 2:24 your mom noobito OHHHHHHHH

  81. Blue ninja_YT

    Blue ninja_YTПре 24 дана

    Quit horsing around? More like quit oofing around

  82. Aaron_ plays

    Aaron_ playsПре 25 дана

    Did this get recommended after 2 years?

  83. Woqdi

    WoqdiПре 25 дана

    0:30 best part

  84. mr noob

    mr noobПре 27 дана

    Your gonna Be sued by youtube

  85. Meti Liza

    Meti LizaПре 27 дана


  86. Leonardo Escbedco ✓

    Leonardo Escbedco ✓Пре 28 дана


  87. robloxchstudiosgamer

    robloxchstudiosgamerПре 28 дана



    xXG4BETH3GAM3RB0IXxПре 28 дана

    I died watching this

  89. Wongel Bezu

    Wongel BezuПре месец


  90. MANYAK

    MANYAKПре месец

    Oh no buur die ;'(

  91. Lawrence Duyo

    Lawrence DuyoПре месец


  92. Gloria Santiago

    Gloria SantiagoПре месец

    This is way better then the actual Yt rewind

  93. GamingStar 2345

    GamingStar 2345Пре месец


  94. Evatoylon

    EvatoylonПре месец

    Ternyata minecraft rewind ter inspirasi dari roblox rewind

  95. Mia Alegre

    Mia AlegreПре месец


  96. Legacy

    LegacyПре месец

    200k dislikes?

  97. DirtRayan

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  98. DirtRayan

    DirtRayanПре месец


  99. DirtRayan

    DirtRayanПре месец

    Wth is this video

  100. JWTK 4444

    JWTK 4444Пре месец


  101. Octopus

    OctopusПре месец

    This is better than the original

  102. NEWTON_stUdiOs

    NEWTON_stUdiOsПре месец

    Where are the stichfaces

  103. Ann Cell

    Ann CellПре месец

    Pls i Give me Robux

  104. Joefish Nafoogie

    Joefish NafoogieПре месец

    b i g n o o b i s r e w i n d